NAVSA 2014

[Reposted from the Floating Academy] Along with other Floating Academy bloggers, including Daniel Martin, I’ve just returned from NAVSA 2014 in London, Ontario.  It was a wonderful conference as always, and we all owe a huge thanks to Chris Keep and the conference organizers at Western.  I realized that I have now been attending NAVSA […]

Accessible Futures

I was lucky to participate in the NEH-funded workshop on Accessible Futures this weekend.  It was a wonderful two day workshop, in which we discussed all sorts of ways to make the web more accessible not only to those with disabilities, but to everyone, really.  It’s like the old story with curb cuts:  they were […]

Digitizing Nineteenth-Century Women: All or Nothing?

[Reposted from the Floating Academy.] Over the past couple of years, my attention has been caught by new projects that digitize the letters of Victorian women writers.   I’d like to share two of them here, The Olive Schreiner Letters Project and the Letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge.  To me, these projects fulfill the best promises of the […]

Nineteenth-Century Disability: A Digital Reader

[Reposted from the Floating Academy.] Following up on Connie’s post on “Editorial Traces:  The Yellow Nineties Online“, I’d like to take this post to introduce another digital project, Nineteenth-Century Disability:  A Digital Reader.  The project is an interdisciplinary, open-access scholarly resource on physical and cognitive disability in the long nineteenth-century.  Leading and emerging scholars in nineteenth-century […]

Literary Tourism

[Reposted from the Floating Academy.] In her obituary for Dinah Mulock Craik, Margaret Oliphant wrote how pleased the author had been to learn that American tourists were flocking to Tewkesbury, a medieval market town in Gloucestershire, “not so much to see the town and abbey, as to identify the scenery of John Halifax”.*  As postcards commemorating […]