Finding Creative Commons Images for Scholarly Work

I recently heard a scholar complain about the lack of images of disability available online.  Working on 19th C Disability:  A Digital Reader, I’ve become a bit of an expert at sussing out nineteenth-century images that are available under a Creative Commons License.  I thought it might be helpful to post about them for those […]

The Nineteenth-Century Novel, Anthropologie Style

[Reposted from The Floating Academy] As a follow up to Jennifer Esmail’s interesting posts on the marketing of Victorian novels with classic status through new covers, I wanted to share these books from Anthropologie, which are nineteenth-century classics being marketed for the holiday season solely through their covers.  In the last post, Jen talked about how Victorian novels like Dracula and Wuthering Heights were […]

Starting Over

When I started out with a project in the digital humanities, I knew that there would be frustrating moments where I’d have to scratch what I’d done and start over.  This is not my usual working process–I don’t ever recall trashing an entire term paper that I’d gotten well into, even in my undergraduate days. […]

Digital Editions

I have been proof-reading the final version of the special issue of Women’s Writing on Dinah Mulock Craik this week.  It’s exciting to see it all coming together.  And though a typo or two doesn’t really bother me in a student paper (I think I’m more lax than a lot of my colleagues in that […]