6 Things I Like About Omeka

A few months down the road, I am happy to report that it was definitely the right decision to abandon the first attempt at a shell for 19th C Disability and use Omeka as the content management system for the site.  Here are a few things I’m really loving about Omeka: 1)  Design:  When I started […]

THATCamp: Just Go!

[Reposted from The Floating Academy] I just attended my second THATCamp, a digital humanities “unconference”, in Boston.  And I have to say, even if you know nothing about the digital humanities, you should just go to one!  By nature, they are a lightweight conference that’s easy to organize, which means they are popping up everywhere.  Check […]

Starting Over

When I started out with a project in the digital humanities, I knew that there would be frustrating moments where I’d have to scratch what I’d done and start over.  This is not my usual working process–I don’t ever recall trashing an entire term paper that I’d gotten well into, even in my undergraduate days. […]