The Transatlantic Digital Moonstone

[Reposted from the Floating Academy] In my senior seminar on “The Victorian Bestseller,” we’ve just finished a big class project. When I found out that our Special Collections at the University of Calgary holds both of the periodicals in which Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone (1868) was originally serialized–Harper’s Weekly in the U.S. and All the Year Round […]

Omeka Part 4: Playing with PHP

In this post, I’d like to talk about the part of getting started with Omeka that terrified me the most:  altering the code behind the scenes.  A quick refresher:  Omeka is a content management system aimed at academics, museum professionals and archivists.  I’ve blogged about getting started with Omeka here, here, and here. In my […]

Omeka Part 3–“Collections” and “Exhibits”

So, you’ve populated your archive with a few “items”, and Omeka is prompting you to organize these items into something called “collections” and “exhibits”.  What are these and how can you best take advantage of them to showcase your material?  If you just plop items up there, they won’t make a huge amount of sense […]

Omeka Part 2: Adding “Items”

Last week I blogged about “Getting Started with Omeka“.  This week I’d like to talk a little bit about what you might do once you have Omeka installed on your server.  At least, I tell you what I did and you can act accordingly as you build your own site!  I’ll again write presuming that […]

Getting Started with Omeka

It occurs to me that I should have been blogging the process of building Nineteenth-Century Disability: A Digital Reader, all along. But the truth is, there were moments early on when I felt too at sea to crystallize what I was learning. So, better late than never.  I’ll write here presuming that you know as […]